Emergency Vehicle Driving

How many scratches and dents are on your apparatus?
Can you prevent them?

It’s very discouraging to read about all of the traffic accidents that occur in the US everyday involving ambulances, fire trucks, police vehicles and even POVs. There is nothing worse than seeing the devastation and seeing them on the news in your hometown.

Vital Hands has researched different driving programs for First Responders and have adopted the curriculum of VFIS. This curriculum is very in-depth with factual research and studies of accidents and ways to avoid and prevent them along the way. We also explore how to check the essentials of your apparatus to make sure they are in good running order and ready to respond to the needs of your community.

We offer two courses to suit your needs. The first is an Initial Emergency Driving Course that consists of 2 days of instruction; 1 day in the classroom and 1 day of hands-on driving on our skills course.  The second option is a refresher course. This is a half day course and consists of classroom-only time. If hands-on driving time is requested it can be arranged to suit your needs. Contact us for scheduling.

Vital Hands can suit your needs for your EMS or Fire training requirements. Our teachers are also instructors for the Michigan Firefighters Training Council. Our driving course is also approved to meet the requirements for EMS providers


Did you know…some insurance companies require yearly refresher courses?