Respirator Fit Testing

Vital Hands strives to protect everyone exposed to respiratory damaging substances. If you are supplying respirators to your employees there is a good chance your employees have a requirement to get their respirators fit tested. This includes particulate respirators full, half, or quarter masks, along with supplied air respirators, and also N95 type respirators. No matter whether you use the respirator for mold control or full biological incidents we have your fit testing needs covered. There are two different types of testing available Qualitative or Quantitative.


Qualitative- This test is based on the ability for the test subject to taste substances. This test includes wearing a respirator under two different style hoods and being misted with a fine aerosol. The test subject initially tastes the solution being used to assure the can sense it, then a more concentrated solution is used during the testing of the respirator to check for a quality user seal.


Quantitative- This style test is based on a more advanced complex computer driven mechanical test. Two types of this test are allowed per OSHA 1910.134. Fit Tester 3000 is a negative pressure test, overall this test draws the air out of the respirator and checks an overall seal creating a number generated fit factor via complex formula. The only limitation to the 3000 is the inability to test N95 type respirators. The second test permitted is a partial test using the TSI Porta Count system. The test is also a mechanical computer driven test. This system is designed to take multiple air samples from your respirator while being worn and then the unit compares those samples to the ambient air creating another fit factor using a complex formula.


We follow all OSHA fit testing standards 1910.120/1910.134 assuring your compliancy. If your organization needs assistance creating or updating a respiratory program we can also assist those needs. Contact us with further questions or to schedule your testing today.